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I asked my ex, now good friend, if she would ever have an open relationship and she said, “No, I don’t think I could do that” then after a pause and a smile, “but what about love affair friendships?” She went on to describe an impenetrable fortress of female friendship, her own group of best mates who’d known each other since school and had supported and loved each other through almost all of their lifetimes. They sounded far more bonded to, and in love with one another, than their respective husbands. It struck me that we don’t have the language to reflect the diversity and breadth of connections we experience. Why is sex the thing we tend to define a relationship by, when in fact it can be simple casual fun without a deep emotional transaction? Why do we say “just friends” when, for some of us, a friendship goes deeper? Can we define a new currency of commitment that celebrates and values this? Instead of having multiple confusing interpretations of the same word, could we have different words? What if we viewed our relationships as a pyramid structure with our primary partner at the top and a host of lovers, friends, spiritual soul mates, colleagues, and acquaintances beneath that?
Rosie Wilby, “You’re More Polyamorous Than You Think” (via foutue)


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Famous company logos on non-matching products

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if you start getting a crush on someone, do NOT jinx yourself by talking them up to other people all the time. because people will be jealous of the POTENTIAL of you getting somebody in your life and they…


boy we weak as hell in america


boy we weak as hell in america

I cant wait until I can roll over at 2 a.m. to find your lips instead of a text
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If you don’t want to be anywhere near your girl - don’t want to hang out with her - when she’s on her period because its “disgusting”, you really don’t give a fuck about her. You just care about the “dick glove” between her legs.

Girls, don’t be fooled by these basic fuck boys. If he’s unwilling…